Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Experience

So, in this post, I just want to really reflect and talk about my experience with 20 time, and my experience with my project. I don't think that I have really done any reflecting, because in most of my posts all I talk about is my book, but I think that reflecting on the experience as a whole is a really important thing. Personally, I actually really liked doing a 20 time project, though I may not be psyched about this upcoming speech I have to give, I do feel like overall this was a fun thing to do, and it actually really inspired me over the course of time. At first when choosing my project to write a book, I was a little bit worried that I might get bored half way through, or that I would end up wanting to change projects, since I had never really done any real writing before, but in the end, I'm really pleased with my project choice. I will admit that I did start to slow down in writing quite a lot towards the end, but I do still try my best to fit in time for my writing into my daily schedule. I do, unfortunately, know a few people who said they didn't really like the project, claiming that it was too stressful (which I do sorta understand), or that it was overall just a waste of class time, but I really don't think that. I'm glad that I was presented with this experience, and given the opportunity to do whatever I wanted, with no guidelines or boundaries. I do think that this project is beneficial to kids, and that Mr. P should continue doing this project for the years to come. If I did have one complaint about it (besides the fact that I have to make a speech), it would be that I feel like it was a little bit rushed. I know that I can continue my project on into summer, but I think that if we had more days, or more time to work on our projects, that I would maybe have felt a bit more prepared for my speech, and I might have even felt more accomplished with my project at this point in the year. Still, overall I really did genuinely enjoy my 20 time project, and I truly feel that it opened me up to the idea of carving out more time in my schedule for just fun creativity! So, thank you for this wonderful opportunity Mr. P!

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