Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Rest of Chapter 11 and All of Chapter 12

I've had a big work load the past few days, but I did manage to get Chapter 11 finished, and I was able to do all of Chapter 12, so that's good. I feel like as I get further into my story the more fun I'm having writing it, and the more I want to just escape and carve out time for my writing, but sadly, school does make that a little difficult, so I do reserve a lot of my weekend time for purely writing my story and slowly making progress. I really like how my writing is coming along, and I think that with every chapter I write my writing matures and gets better. Anyways, here's the summary of the end of Chapter 11 and Chapter 12.

Progress So Far: 

In the end of Chapter 11, Bella and Felicity are having a conversation about how Bella has been so down lately, and she really seems to cheer Bella up, and bring new and helpful insight to her problems. Later on the two girls are joined by Lila, who immediately starts cracking jokes and laughing with Felicity, Bella points out their instant connection and Lila and Felicity begin to form a really great friendship. At the very end the girls start talking about relationships, which although it may seem pretty unsubstantial at this point in the story, it will come into play later on into the story. Chapter 12 starts up in the morning of the next day, with a brief conversation between Bella and Amber, which mainly circles around their sweet friendship, and their make shift life in the woods. Later on the whole group circles up in the center of where they have been staying, and begin to form a plan to start making a difference. Bella is distracted by Carter for most of this scene, and she describes his character with lots of detailed imagery, which then leads Carter to notice her, and admire her in the same light. The two snap their attention back to the group as Felicity starts to explain her back story, and then after that, she finally reveals how she ended up in trouble (which is when Bella made the decision to save her) and suffice to say, that the group is stunned. The chapter wraps up with everyone in the group sharing stories and laughing at each others misfortune and crazy tales.

That I was all I was able to really write up this weekend, but I do really like the diversity in the conversations in these two latest chapters, so that's a good thing! Hopefully I'll have more done by the next post, I want to be able to have all of Chapter 13 and maybe half of Chapter 14 by my next post! Wish me luck!

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