Sunday, February 8, 2015

Chapters 4,5, and 6

Recently I've found much more time to write my story, so I've been doing really good, and I'm gonna start up Chapter 7 soon! I was able to finish 4, 5, and 6, since my last blog post, and they came along really smoothly, everything just started going into place, especially now going into 6 and 7 since they're getting more intense with much more conflict and plot points! Though I did get a lot done the past few weeks my chapters haven't really been coming out as fast as I had initially wanted, but I think that that's because my chapters are a lot longer than I planned for them to be, so it makes them fewer in number, while longer in word count. Hopefully I can get more chapters done and my book will come along quicker soon, it's hard to put so much work into just the past few chapters while still feeling like it's not coming along as quick as originally planned. Well anyways, I'll summarize what I wrote in these last few chapters!

Progress so far in my book:

Since I last wrote tons of stuff has happened, and these are the chapters where you really meet some of the potentially important characters, and even though I introduced them earlier, with some dialogue examples, these chapters you really read into their backstories, and their feelings for everyone else in the group of main characters. The people they really focus on are, Carter, Lila and Bella's mother, Alessia Caro. Chapter 4 has a huge part dedicated just to Bella meeting Carter, and the two of them introducing themselves to each other, and talking and getting to know each others stories. Carter is a very mysterious guy, and has been ever since middle school. All that Bella knows is that something significant happened in his life, and changed him forever. Now he hides all day, and disobeys and disregards all of society's rules and guidelines. Bella has never encountered him before, and is utterly fascinated by him, but unfortunately, their meeting is just brief, and the two separate at Chapter 5.  Chapter 5 is pretty short, and is just a get together of Bella, Clay, and Amber, at their favorite hang out spot, and old abandoned gym. They talk about the recent events, and discuss important people surrounding these events. When they depart, Chapter 6 begins. Chapter 6 is when everything starts going rouge. The two people you meet in this chapter are Lila and Bella's mother, Alessia Caro. It starts out at Bella's house in the morning, and you are introduced to a bit of a backstory from Bella's childhood, and about her family ties, such as her criminal father, Luca Caro, and her great grandmother, Rosaline Leu. Bella's father was arrested when she was just a little girl, but she never really knew why, because it was such a tough subject for her mother. Later on in the story Luca will appear and all questions Bella has will be cleared up. Her mother also points out and highlights the strong relationship that Bella has with her great grandmother Rosaline (which is also where Bella's middle name came from), because her grandmother has always told her stories since she was just a toddler, and Bella was fascinated by the world her great grandma lived in. Later Bella shows up to school, and stirs up lots and lots of trouble, that ends up putting her in grave danger. This is also where she meets Lila for the first time. Lila hates life, she just hates the world and everything in it, and doesn't really care about her life anymore. Lila is a very sarcastic character, and even in times of danger she is overly laid back, due to her lack of concern about anything anymore. Bella and Lila get into a sticky situation, and nearly escape, with the help of some others who will later be revealed in Chapter 7.

That's just about all that I have written so far, except a little bit of Chapter 7. I'm really proud of the work I got done in the last few weeks, and now that things are picking up pace in the story, I'm much more excited to keep writing, and to keep moving the story line forward! I can't wait to get back to writing, and will update again on my next post!

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