Saturday, February 21, 2015

Chapter 7 and 8

So, over break I unfortunately only got two chapters done, due to the fact that I was busy all break. But I did as I mentioned, get done Chapters 7 and 8, in which lots of fun and crazy stuff happens. You do also get to meet the last main character in Chapter 8 (and later on in 9) which for me as the writer is very exciting, because introducing the characters, in my opinion, can be difficult sometimes. Although that's a happy note, sadly on a less happy note, these two chapters were not very long. All that aside, here is the small summary of Chapters 7 and 8.

Progress so far in my book:

So Chapter 6 left off with an intense ending, with Bella and Lila in lots of trouble. As I said in my last blog post, they only escape with the help of some others, and in Chapter 7 they are revealed as Clay, Amber, and Carter. Bella is still out of it from her previous situation, for a lot of Chapter 7, but she still does contribute to the main dialogue. In the beginning of Chapter 7 the group of 5 head off to hide from the people who are after them, and they go into the forest near the edge of their town. When Bella originally awakes she finds out that Carter and Clay have already assured her mother that she is safe, which Bella is very grateful for. Then they all get their wits together, and decide they have to make a plan if they plan to continue hiding and survive. Bella speaks up and explains her suggestion, which is somewhat kept from the readers, until it is actually put into action. This is when Chapter 8 starts up, and the one main component of Bella's plan is briefly discussed. Bella explains that "drastic measures" may have to be taken, in order to save themselves, and their community. These "drastic measures" are later explained as possibly having to get violent. So violent, that Amber completely refuses to accept the plan. Lila then goes on to reassure Amber, along with Carter, and she quickly cools down. Next up is where you meet the last main character, Felicity. You don't actually get to see or hear much of or from Felicity in this chapter, but she is stuck in quite a sticky situation. Felicity draws the attention of Bella and her friends, and they decide to help her. Though you don't hear much conversation, you do clearly see Felicity's attitude, and her persistence, which encourage Bella's group to help her. Unfortunately that just drags them in on her problem, which will later be resolved in Chapter 9.

Though it may not have been much that I wrote, I do feel excited about how much my book is increasing (plot wise) and how deeper I'm getting into it! I hope to have Chapter 9 and some of Chapter 10 by the next time I write a blog post! I cannot wait to update on my writing progress soon!...

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