Sunday, January 25, 2015

Slowly Working on Chapter 4

So, last week was finals, so unfortunately, I didn't really have much time to write, just lots, and lots of studying. I did try to jot down a few thoughts here and there, but made little to no progress in my book, it just wasn't a good week. Though I was super busy during the week, I did, like I said, make a little progress this weekend, so I can write a brief summary on my progress...

Progress so far in my book:

So I did some brief writing of Chapter 4, and so far in the beginning of this chapter, you see the relationship  between Clay and Bella slowly reveal itself, and you also see the dynamics that appear when the have conversations. This is only a small portion of the time they have together, after they have their scene in the beginning of the chapter, things will continue to progress, and then to finish the chapter off Bella and Clay meet up again, but before we get to that, Bella leaves Clay in the beginning of the chapter. So, Bella begins to start back to her normal life, and goes through the rest of her school day, meeting new people, and also some small developments in the plot happen (which I can't mention without spoiling a bit of the story), and finally her school day comes to an end. After school Bella meets back up with Clay, and they plan to have Amber meet them later on, to discuss what happened throughout the day, and this is when you really can see how these three characters act around each other, and towards each other in a group setting.

I really want to write more soon, hopefully when I'm not so busy, and I have great plans for the rest of Chapter 4 and ahead. I plan to really start adding interest to the story, now that I have almost all of the main characters introduced and all of the relationships are apparent and developing. I cant wait to get writing again this week, and I will hopefully have MUCH more to tell you about in my next blog post!

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