Sunday, January 11, 2015

Chapter 2+3 and beginning 4

So, I had a ton of time to just write, and move my story along over break, and I really took that time to my advantage. I found myself writing every night before I went to sleep, and by the end of break I had all of Chapter 2 done, and most of Chapter 3. Then from Monday to today, I was able to finish Chapter 3 and I also just barely started writing Chapter 4. These past couple of chapters have started to introduce more characters, and you will now slowly start to see the main story line problem developing. Theses chapters are meant to draw you in, and encourage you to keep reading, so you can follow along and see what will happen, and where everything goes, so I used a couple of cliffhangers to make sure those who read want to continue to read it! I hope to have Chapter 4 done, and maybe start Chapter 5 by my next blog post, and I also really hope that everything continues to go as smooth as it has these last couple of weeks!

Progress so far in my book:

So, in Chapter 3 you are introduced to Clay, Bella's second best friend. Clay is extremely rebellious, like Bella, only far worse. He has had a good life, yet he just hates the world, and everything in it. Bella likes Clay because she is one of the very few people who understands him, and who he doesn't think is annoying or stuck up. Clay has a very close relationship with Bella, so Bella often finds herself sticking up for him and this then results to her getting in trouble, which is shown in Chapter 2. Clay has a very interesting relationship with Bella's other friend Amber, he really likes Amber, yet she is sort of afraid of him, and finds him extremely dangerous. You also will meet the schools Principal, Mr. Blakely, who is somewhat of a horrible guy...He enjoys seeing students be miserable, and feels a particular hatred towards Bella and Clay. Then, in Chapter 3 you get to meet more characters, Loralei, who is a school guard, and Felicity, Lila, and Carter, who are kids who could be considered in the same group as Clay and Bella, kind of like outsiders, who all believe in stuff different then what they're told. Chapter 3 ends with a plot twist, and leaves Bella wondering what to do, so she makes a choice, which then in turn, unfortunately gets her in trouble once again. Finally, Chapter 4 starts with Bella and Clay talking, and Bella spills an important secret to him, which he was not supposed to hear, leaving him upset and scared, while Bella is very embarrassed.

I am really enjoying writing and cannot wait to continue with Chapter 4! Hopefully by next Friday I will have started 5, and will have more to tell you. I hope you keep reading my posts, and I'll update you again on my progress so far in my next post!

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