Sunday, November 16, 2014

The First Chapter Begins+Explanation of Book

In class Friday I began writing my very first chapter for my book. I'm not completely done with it yet but it's coming along and I actually really like it. A brief summary of what is happening in the first chapter: we are starting to get to know the main character Bella and her family, you also see what Bella goes through on a daily basis and how her school life is, you get to meet her friends, teachers, and parents (well only her mom). I hope to be able to finish this chapter before this upcoming Friday, so I can start on the second one in class Friday. I now already have everything organized and planned out, all the way from the very beginning to the ending of the book, so I'm really excited to write it all out!

Let me give an explanation of what my book is going to be about. The main characters name is Bella Rosaline Caro (which is Italian), her first name means beautiful, her middle name is the name of her great grandmother, and her last name means beloved and is her fathers last name. Bella's parents are divorced, she lives with her mother, and she hates her father, Bella's parents were always fighting when she was little and for a long period of time her father was in jail during her childhood, but Bella never found out why. Now her father has been out of her life for 14 years (she's 16) but her mother still hasn't fully recovered from the emotional damage that he left behind. At school Bella has very few friends, and this is because she is somewhat rebellious and doesn't believe in the schools rules, so most kids try to stay away from her, but she still has two close friends who aren't afraid of her. The plot of the book is that Bella and her friends and family are living in a society where individuality is pretty much frowned upon, which Bella doesn't find fair, so she tries to make a difference. She goes on an adventure to try and turn the world back around to the world that her great grandmother tells her stories about, but along the way she encounters many obstacles and hardships.

I hope you found my little explanation interesting, and I hope that now you want to read my finished product when I do finish it! Can't wait to get writing again!


  1. I really like what you are going for with this idea! Writing a book is a huge task that will take a good amount of time and energy but you seem very capable of doing this. By taking the time to do tho story board and develop your character it shows that you are organized and will have good time management. From what you've said I would be interested in reading your book!

    1. Thanks for commenting! I really appreciate you reading my blogs, and hopefully someday you will actually get to read my book, that is, if all goes as well as planned! Thank you again, and I hope you keep reading my blogs!!