Sunday, November 23, 2014

Starting up continues...

Still just getting started writing this past week+weekend, I haven't really had much time to write after school or on the weekend for that matter. Just the other day when writing I realized that my writing process is very odd and unique, I don't just jump into writing parts of my story, and yet I don't do the traditional brainstorming method. I have actually never believed in brainstorming, I found it pointless, I mean, I am completely organized in my head, why waste precious writing time just putting my thought process down on paper. When I'm writing I have to either have complete silence, or be listening to inspirational music, then once I get in my mind fully, I can begin actually writing. Another odd thing that helps me write is being on the ground, I love to write on the ground, and yeah, I know that's kind of weird, but I really like it. I know this sounds kind of pointless and all, but it really made me question how other people write. Do most people brainstorm? Can people really just start writing like in the middle of a loud classroom? Does it matter to use a pen or pencil (I must use pencil, I hate pens when writing). Anyways, just some random questions that were bugging me when I was writing Friday...

Progress so far in my book:

I did briefly write in my story on Friday, and I began to introduce the main character Bella's personality a bit more. You get to really see into her inner thoughts on her life, and how she acts towards the new world that she is living in and the way she also feels towards the school and all its new rules that the students must follow. Bella also introduces the rebellious side to herself in this new section of my writing, for example, she doesn't believe that anyone else can tell her what to do and she is the only person who actually understands how she feels, so why listen to others. She also starts to branch out a bit more and you get to see her social interactions, and how she reacts to typical social situations, like conversations with her friends...(she is quite introverted, so this is actually very fun to read/write).

Hopefully my book will continue to come together nice and smoothly, and I'm looking forward to having all of Thanksgiving break to catch up on my writing!! Hopefully I will have more plot updates, and interesting character facts for you to read about in my next blog!


  1. I almost never brainstorm whenever I write, honestly. PLus, whenever I do write, it either has to be completely silent to the point where I can literally HEAR myself writing (pen of course I hate pencil) or very noisy, chaotic nearly, which is really strange. Anyways, I can NOT wait to hear about your characters. I'm the type of person that when I read a book, I immediately get attached to the antagonist, because they are what makes a story (in my opinion haha). I am honestly so excited for you Amanda!

    1. Zaria, I'm so glad that you're excited about my book! I already have an idea in mind for the main antagonist, and I think its going to be really awesome! Thanks so much for the comment, I really hope you keep reading my post!