Sunday, December 7, 2014

Chapter 1 is done and Chapter 2 has begun!

Recently, just this Friday I finished my first chapter of my book, and I am actually very pleased with how it finished, and my transition into Chapter two. While writing this week, I was actually having a very hard time wrapping up Chapter one, I was trying to find a way to just finish it without it dropping off and sounding abrupt, but I think I finally got it good enough, I mean, I probably will still go back with a couple of edits to further smooth it out, but that's it. Chapter two started up very well, and I don't really know where the idea came from, but I pretty much just began writing it, and it sounds really good! I'm super excited to keep writing it, and I plan on introducing lots of new characters this chapter, and I've realized that as I keep writing, and keep advancing the plot, I'm getting more and more into it, and more and more excited. I sure hope writing will continue to be this fun and keep going this smooth!

Progress so far in my book:

So, what I wrote on Friday was the end of Chapter one, and I also started writing Chapter two. Chapter one ends with her finally heading to her class, and at the very end, you get to meet one of Bella's best friends, Amber. Amber is a very shy girl, she is quiet, but also is somewhat crazy. She's that type of person that's super shy around new people and strangers, but when shes alone with her friends she's loud and crazy! Amber has a very wealthy family, and was raised to always obey rules and leaders, so she is terrified of getting in trouble, and has followed every rule for her whole life. Even though Bella is nothing like Amber, she respects her, because she knows that most people are not really willing to suffer the consequences of rule breaking, unlike her, who really couldn't care less about what happens to her. Then in the beginning of Chapter two, Bella arrives in her class and is faced with a student who appears fascinated by her udder disrespect towards the school board. Bella is trying to get her to leave her alone, but it's no use. The reason I've included this character in this chapter is because as time goes on she will become more and more relevant to the story.

I can't wait to get back to writing again, and I hope I will be able to finish Chapter two soon! I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post, and I'll keep you updated on my progress on my next post!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Starting up continues...

Still just getting started writing this past week+weekend, I haven't really had much time to write after school or on the weekend for that matter. Just the other day when writing I realized that my writing process is very odd and unique, I don't just jump into writing parts of my story, and yet I don't do the traditional brainstorming method. I have actually never believed in brainstorming, I found it pointless, I mean, I am completely organized in my head, why waste precious writing time just putting my thought process down on paper. When I'm writing I have to either have complete silence, or be listening to inspirational music, then once I get in my mind fully, I can begin actually writing. Another odd thing that helps me write is being on the ground, I love to write on the ground, and yeah, I know that's kind of weird, but I really like it. I know this sounds kind of pointless and all, but it really made me question how other people write. Do most people brainstorm? Can people really just start writing like in the middle of a loud classroom? Does it matter to use a pen or pencil (I must use pencil, I hate pens when writing). Anyways, just some random questions that were bugging me when I was writing Friday...

Progress so far in my book:

I did briefly write in my story on Friday, and I began to introduce the main character Bella's personality a bit more. You get to really see into her inner thoughts on her life, and how she acts towards the new world that she is living in and the way she also feels towards the school and all its new rules that the students must follow. Bella also introduces the rebellious side to herself in this new section of my writing, for example, she doesn't believe that anyone else can tell her what to do and she is the only person who actually understands how she feels, so why listen to others. She also starts to branch out a bit more and you get to see her social interactions, and how she reacts to typical social situations, like conversations with her friends...(she is quite introverted, so this is actually very fun to read/write).

Hopefully my book will continue to come together nice and smoothly, and I'm looking forward to having all of Thanksgiving break to catch up on my writing!! Hopefully I will have more plot updates, and interesting character facts for you to read about in my next blog!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The First Chapter Begins+Explanation of Book

In class Friday I began writing my very first chapter for my book. I'm not completely done with it yet but it's coming along and I actually really like it. A brief summary of what is happening in the first chapter: we are starting to get to know the main character Bella and her family, you also see what Bella goes through on a daily basis and how her school life is, you get to meet her friends, teachers, and parents (well only her mom). I hope to be able to finish this chapter before this upcoming Friday, so I can start on the second one in class Friday. I now already have everything organized and planned out, all the way from the very beginning to the ending of the book, so I'm really excited to write it all out!

Let me give an explanation of what my book is going to be about. The main characters name is Bella Rosaline Caro (which is Italian), her first name means beautiful, her middle name is the name of her great grandmother, and her last name means beloved and is her fathers last name. Bella's parents are divorced, she lives with her mother, and she hates her father, Bella's parents were always fighting when she was little and for a long period of time her father was in jail during her childhood, but Bella never found out why. Now her father has been out of her life for 14 years (she's 16) but her mother still hasn't fully recovered from the emotional damage that he left behind. At school Bella has very few friends, and this is because she is somewhat rebellious and doesn't believe in the schools rules, so most kids try to stay away from her, but she still has two close friends who aren't afraid of her. The plot of the book is that Bella and her friends and family are living in a society where individuality is pretty much frowned upon, which Bella doesn't find fair, so she tries to make a difference. She goes on an adventure to try and turn the world back around to the world that her great grandmother tells her stories about, but along the way she encounters many obstacles and hardships.

I hope you found my little explanation interesting, and I hope that now you want to read my finished product when I do finish it! Can't wait to get writing again!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

First Post

   Today is the first day of my 20 Time project! I'm really excited to get started, I have always wanted to write a full book, and I think that this is the best opportunity that I have had to do this. My book is going to be somewhat action mixed with adventure, which is the genre that I personally love to read. Hopefully I will start actually writing soon, but so far I have wrote a storyboard, and developed my main characters personality, I also semi-wrote a rough draft of my first chapter, but I'm still editing that. My main goal for my book would be to just finish it, and create a typed product for myself, and I will admit, when I think about this goal it seems like it's going to be hard to reach, but that kind of intrigues me, and drives me even more to achieve it.

   I plan to begin creating my introduction and full of copy of the first chapter by this upcoming Friday, and I also hope to have the first chapter finished by maybe two Fridays from now. I think that the main problem that I may come across with the creating of the first chapter would be just getting stuck, since it is my first chapter, it might be hard to get my ideas down on the paper, and to let it all flow, but I do think that this will get easier as I go along, and get more comfortable with writing. My biggest fear so far about my project is of course failure, and of course this is to be expected, even though I know that failure is perfectly okay, I still fear that if I were to fail, I would be extremely disappointed with myself. Hopefully everything turns out okay with my posts on this blog, and my first couple of chapters, and I expect to greatly enjoy this project and can't wait to get started!