Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Experience

So, in this post, I just want to really reflect and talk about my experience with 20 time, and my experience with my project. I don't think that I have really done any reflecting, because in most of my posts all I talk about is my book, but I think that reflecting on the experience as a whole is a really important thing. Personally, I actually really liked doing a 20 time project, though I may not be psyched about this upcoming speech I have to give, I do feel like overall this was a fun thing to do, and it actually really inspired me over the course of time. At first when choosing my project to write a book, I was a little bit worried that I might get bored half way through, or that I would end up wanting to change projects, since I had never really done any real writing before, but in the end, I'm really pleased with my project choice. I will admit that I did start to slow down in writing quite a lot towards the end, but I do still try my best to fit in time for my writing into my daily schedule. I do, unfortunately, know a few people who said they didn't really like the project, claiming that it was too stressful (which I do sorta understand), or that it was overall just a waste of class time, but I really don't think that. I'm glad that I was presented with this experience, and given the opportunity to do whatever I wanted, with no guidelines or boundaries. I do think that this project is beneficial to kids, and that Mr. P should continue doing this project for the years to come. If I did have one complaint about it (besides the fact that I have to make a speech), it would be that I feel like it was a little bit rushed. I know that I can continue my project on into summer, but I think that if we had more days, or more time to work on our projects, that I would maybe have felt a bit more prepared for my speech, and I might have even felt more accomplished with my project at this point in the year. Still, overall I really did genuinely enjoy my 20 time project, and I truly feel that it opened me up to the idea of carving out more time in my schedule for just fun creativity! So, thank you for this wonderful opportunity Mr. P!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Slowing Down and Gearing Up

     So I'm gonna start to mix things up a bit now, because, unfortunately, this year is coming to a close which also means that sadly 20 time is coming to a close. Not only is this sad, but it is kind of stressful for me to think about, mainly because I'm going to have to start wrapping things up and I'm going to have to start writing my speech, and focusing less on my book. This also means that now I'm going to get even less done with my actually project due to the fact that I'll probably be too busy stressing over this speech. I really have been kinda worrying about this speech, but luckily I have actually started being a bit proactive about it, instead of my normal putting it off and freaking last minute. I quickly decided that I would not be interested in doing a Ted Talk, mainly because that sounds terrifying, and I have enough problems with presenting to a group of 4 people, but also because I couldn't quite grasp anything huge and untouched to talk about. I mean, I do think that I figured out a good topic for my "What I learned" speech in class, but I just don't know that it is so groundbreaking that the whole world should hear it. So, with the Ted Talk out of the way, I realized that what I would talk about as what I learned was of the importance of taking time away from life to just relax, let your thoughts flow, and be creative. My life can be really stressful and nerve wracking sometimes, but having this project as a safety net, something that I could turn to when I was overworked, and needed to just let my brain be free, was an amazing thing! I think that a lot of kids don't ever take any time to just stop from their daily routines, and to just think and let your thoughts flow freely. Over the period of time that I was working on this project, I really do think that this was the largest lesson that I learned, and now I have really come to realize the importance of taking a break when I get too stressed, or when school gets too much for me to handle. Personally, I feel like everyone should have a creative outlet that they can just resort to in tough times, so that's what I'm going to talk about in my speech. I tend to struggle with speeches, so I decided I would sign up for the last possible speech slot, somewhat because I'm trying to avoid having to do it, but also because I think that I will benefit from seeing other people do their talks before me. I feel like seeing people present, will help because I can watch and pick up guidelines on how to present myself, and how to act comfortable while presenting.

      I think that's all I really have to talk about today, so mainly, to wrap all of this up, I am going to definitely start focusing more of my time on this speech instead of my project, and I just really hope that all goes well for me!!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Rest of Chapter 11 and All of Chapter 12

I've had a big work load the past few days, but I did manage to get Chapter 11 finished, and I was able to do all of Chapter 12, so that's good. I feel like as I get further into my story the more fun I'm having writing it, and the more I want to just escape and carve out time for my writing, but sadly, school does make that a little difficult, so I do reserve a lot of my weekend time for purely writing my story and slowly making progress. I really like how my writing is coming along, and I think that with every chapter I write my writing matures and gets better. Anyways, here's the summary of the end of Chapter 11 and Chapter 12.

Progress So Far: 

In the end of Chapter 11, Bella and Felicity are having a conversation about how Bella has been so down lately, and she really seems to cheer Bella up, and bring new and helpful insight to her problems. Later on the two girls are joined by Lila, who immediately starts cracking jokes and laughing with Felicity, Bella points out their instant connection and Lila and Felicity begin to form a really great friendship. At the very end the girls start talking about relationships, which although it may seem pretty unsubstantial at this point in the story, it will come into play later on into the story. Chapter 12 starts up in the morning of the next day, with a brief conversation between Bella and Amber, which mainly circles around their sweet friendship, and their make shift life in the woods. Later on the whole group circles up in the center of where they have been staying, and begin to form a plan to start making a difference. Bella is distracted by Carter for most of this scene, and she describes his character with lots of detailed imagery, which then leads Carter to notice her, and admire her in the same light. The two snap their attention back to the group as Felicity starts to explain her back story, and then after that, she finally reveals how she ended up in trouble (which is when Bella made the decision to save her) and suffice to say, that the group is stunned. The chapter wraps up with everyone in the group sharing stories and laughing at each others misfortune and crazy tales.

That I was all I was able to really write up this weekend, but I do really like the diversity in the conversations in these two latest chapters, so that's a good thing! Hopefully I'll have more done by the next post, I want to be able to have all of Chapter 13 and maybe half of Chapter 14 by my next post! Wish me luck!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Chapters 9, 10, and half of 11

So, recently I have made the unsettling realization that I am kind of falling behind on my writing, and that I'm not getting quite as much of my work done as I had hoped I would be at this point of the year. Even though I am doing quite well on keeping up with my chapters, I still feel like overall I'm not quite doing as much as would like to have done, I just hope that I can soon start to pick up my pace a little bit. Anyways, here's the summary of what I've got done recently.

Progress so far:

After deciding to help Felicity in Chapter 8 Bella and Clay get separated while running away from one of the main guards of the school in the very beginning of Chapter 9. Bella finds her way back to their town and decides that she needs to have a plan. She heads to her home in hope of getting help earlier offered by her mother. When Bella and her mother do meet up, there is lots of key foreshadowing that will play part later on in future chapters, and there is also lots of emotion throughout the whole conversation. Her mother also finally really opens up about her over protective nature, and about her somewhat hazy past as a young adult to Bella. After the two decide that they must part soon, fearing that someone will come looking for Bella, they start to quickly pack a bag to prepare for this quickly approaching departure. Chapter 9 then ends with Bella leaving, just as quickly as she came, saying goodbye to her mother, which could possibly even be their last goodbye. Chapter 10 is mainly surrounding Bella and trying to find her way back to her hidden little group without getting caught, or lost. This chapter also includes lots of really descriptive scenery, and great imagery, because I got really carried away with imaging the beautiful forest, and quaint town which she calls home. Chapter 10 is also where Bella makes a shocking discovery about one of her friends, which she feels that she is to blame for. The group realizes that Clay has gone missing, ever since him and Bella parted in the very beginning of Chapter 9. Bella is immediately affected by the possible loss of her best friend, and she is thrown into a dismayed state where no one can quite reach her. Bella seems to almost be experiencing a minor panic or anxiety attack, and she quickly shuts out the world, later on in Chapter 11 it is revealed that these happened quite often to her when she was young. Chapter 10 ends abruptly with Bella blacking out while her friends try to help her. The first true dialogue including Felicity is then experienced in Chapter 11, and it is between her and a semi-distraught Bella. Halfway through Chapter 11 Bella quietly breaks down again in front of Felicity, and I ended my writing with Felicity uncovering Bella's greatest fears, and quickly comforting her.

That's just about everything I was able to finish in the past two weeks. I really do think that I should start to pick up the pace a bit, but I fear that it may be a semi-unreachable goal for me. Hopefully when I do update again I will have all of Chapter 11 and all of Chapter 12 done, (possibly more), and until then, I will continue to diligently write!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Chapter 7 and 8

So, over break I unfortunately only got two chapters done, due to the fact that I was busy all break. But I did as I mentioned, get done Chapters 7 and 8, in which lots of fun and crazy stuff happens. You do also get to meet the last main character in Chapter 8 (and later on in 9) which for me as the writer is very exciting, because introducing the characters, in my opinion, can be difficult sometimes. Although that's a happy note, sadly on a less happy note, these two chapters were not very long. All that aside, here is the small summary of Chapters 7 and 8.

Progress so far in my book:

So Chapter 6 left off with an intense ending, with Bella and Lila in lots of trouble. As I said in my last blog post, they only escape with the help of some others, and in Chapter 7 they are revealed as Clay, Amber, and Carter. Bella is still out of it from her previous situation, for a lot of Chapter 7, but she still does contribute to the main dialogue. In the beginning of Chapter 7 the group of 5 head off to hide from the people who are after them, and they go into the forest near the edge of their town. When Bella originally awakes she finds out that Carter and Clay have already assured her mother that she is safe, which Bella is very grateful for. Then they all get their wits together, and decide they have to make a plan if they plan to continue hiding and survive. Bella speaks up and explains her suggestion, which is somewhat kept from the readers, until it is actually put into action. This is when Chapter 8 starts up, and the one main component of Bella's plan is briefly discussed. Bella explains that "drastic measures" may have to be taken, in order to save themselves, and their community. These "drastic measures" are later explained as possibly having to get violent. So violent, that Amber completely refuses to accept the plan. Lila then goes on to reassure Amber, along with Carter, and she quickly cools down. Next up is where you meet the last main character, Felicity. You don't actually get to see or hear much of or from Felicity in this chapter, but she is stuck in quite a sticky situation. Felicity draws the attention of Bella and her friends, and they decide to help her. Though you don't hear much conversation, you do clearly see Felicity's attitude, and her persistence, which encourage Bella's group to help her. Unfortunately that just drags them in on her problem, which will later be resolved in Chapter 9.

Though it may not have been much that I wrote, I do feel excited about how much my book is increasing (plot wise) and how deeper I'm getting into it! I hope to have Chapter 9 and some of Chapter 10 by the next time I write a blog post! I cannot wait to update on my writing progress soon!...

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Chapters 4,5, and 6

Recently I've found much more time to write my story, so I've been doing really good, and I'm gonna start up Chapter 7 soon! I was able to finish 4, 5, and 6, since my last blog post, and they came along really smoothly, everything just started going into place, especially now going into 6 and 7 since they're getting more intense with much more conflict and plot points! Though I did get a lot done the past few weeks my chapters haven't really been coming out as fast as I had initially wanted, but I think that that's because my chapters are a lot longer than I planned for them to be, so it makes them fewer in number, while longer in word count. Hopefully I can get more chapters done and my book will come along quicker soon, it's hard to put so much work into just the past few chapters while still feeling like it's not coming along as quick as originally planned. Well anyways, I'll summarize what I wrote in these last few chapters!

Progress so far in my book:

Since I last wrote tons of stuff has happened, and these are the chapters where you really meet some of the potentially important characters, and even though I introduced them earlier, with some dialogue examples, these chapters you really read into their backstories, and their feelings for everyone else in the group of main characters. The people they really focus on are, Carter, Lila and Bella's mother, Alessia Caro. Chapter 4 has a huge part dedicated just to Bella meeting Carter, and the two of them introducing themselves to each other, and talking and getting to know each others stories. Carter is a very mysterious guy, and has been ever since middle school. All that Bella knows is that something significant happened in his life, and changed him forever. Now he hides all day, and disobeys and disregards all of society's rules and guidelines. Bella has never encountered him before, and is utterly fascinated by him, but unfortunately, their meeting is just brief, and the two separate at Chapter 5.  Chapter 5 is pretty short, and is just a get together of Bella, Clay, and Amber, at their favorite hang out spot, and old abandoned gym. They talk about the recent events, and discuss important people surrounding these events. When they depart, Chapter 6 begins. Chapter 6 is when everything starts going rouge. The two people you meet in this chapter are Lila and Bella's mother, Alessia Caro. It starts out at Bella's house in the morning, and you are introduced to a bit of a backstory from Bella's childhood, and about her family ties, such as her criminal father, Luca Caro, and her great grandmother, Rosaline Leu. Bella's father was arrested when she was just a little girl, but she never really knew why, because it was such a tough subject for her mother. Later on in the story Luca will appear and all questions Bella has will be cleared up. Her mother also points out and highlights the strong relationship that Bella has with her great grandmother Rosaline (which is also where Bella's middle name came from), because her grandmother has always told her stories since she was just a toddler, and Bella was fascinated by the world her great grandma lived in. Later Bella shows up to school, and stirs up lots and lots of trouble, that ends up putting her in grave danger. This is also where she meets Lila for the first time. Lila hates life, she just hates the world and everything in it, and doesn't really care about her life anymore. Lila is a very sarcastic character, and even in times of danger she is overly laid back, due to her lack of concern about anything anymore. Bella and Lila get into a sticky situation, and nearly escape, with the help of some others who will later be revealed in Chapter 7.

That's just about all that I have written so far, except a little bit of Chapter 7. I'm really proud of the work I got done in the last few weeks, and now that things are picking up pace in the story, I'm much more excited to keep writing, and to keep moving the story line forward! I can't wait to get back to writing, and will update again on my next post!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Slowly Working on Chapter 4

So, last week was finals, so unfortunately, I didn't really have much time to write, just lots, and lots of studying. I did try to jot down a few thoughts here and there, but made little to no progress in my book, it just wasn't a good week. Though I was super busy during the week, I did, like I said, make a little progress this weekend, so I can write a brief summary on my progress...

Progress so far in my book:

So I did some brief writing of Chapter 4, and so far in the beginning of this chapter, you see the relationship  between Clay and Bella slowly reveal itself, and you also see the dynamics that appear when the have conversations. This is only a small portion of the time they have together, after they have their scene in the beginning of the chapter, things will continue to progress, and then to finish the chapter off Bella and Clay meet up again, but before we get to that, Bella leaves Clay in the beginning of the chapter. So, Bella begins to start back to her normal life, and goes through the rest of her school day, meeting new people, and also some small developments in the plot happen (which I can't mention without spoiling a bit of the story), and finally her school day comes to an end. After school Bella meets back up with Clay, and they plan to have Amber meet them later on, to discuss what happened throughout the day, and this is when you really can see how these three characters act around each other, and towards each other in a group setting.

I really want to write more soon, hopefully when I'm not so busy, and I have great plans for the rest of Chapter 4 and ahead. I plan to really start adding interest to the story, now that I have almost all of the main characters introduced and all of the relationships are apparent and developing. I cant wait to get writing again this week, and I will hopefully have MUCH more to tell you about in my next blog post!